The home of functional fitness in cairns


WELCOME to the gym where everyone knows your name

Our goal is to help you build the BEST version of yourself, no matter what stage of life you're at. 

Situated at Lot1, 1 Marshall St, Bungalow, Cairns- our workouts are for you, whether you're a housewife, a grandparent, an Olympian, or anything in between.

When you walk through our doors at CFBR you are an ATHLETE, and fitness and wellness are within your reach.

"I never thought I'd see the day where I was happy with my body. But my focus has now shifted to what I can achieve with it physically rather than how it looks...a happy side effect is I fit my clothes better and feel like a million bucks"

All of our clients have their own CrossFit story. Whether training with us helped them to be able to play more actively with their children, perform well on the footy field, to feel better in a bikini, or perhaps to be able to achieve their lifelong dream of doing a pull up.
What will your story be? The only way to find out is to turn the page and get started.
See you soon!